LIVE IN RHYTHM. Sal Masekela

Community is a big thing, it brings connections and more importantly it is the glue that binds the people together to create something truly special. We talk about Deuce Gym a lot, but it is a place where people are drawn together to share, learn, and experience fitness and the power of community.

It was through Deuce that we met todays guest on the podcast. Sal Masekela. Sal is one of the pioneers in connecting the wider world to the world of action sports through Transworld sport and later the X Games.

He sums up the power of training to create a way of living and how he is training for life when he moves and we chat about dealing with life changing and inevitable episodes in our lives that lead us to reassessing how we have been in order to become who we are.

There are many parallels in this podcast with others we’ve recorded with who have experienced the deep connection with movement, transformation and seeking a truth in being themselves.

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