This week we caught up with Eddie Stern one of the original Ashtangi crew who ventured over to Mysore in India to learn the practice of Ashtanga yoga back in the late 80’s early 90’s. Something that has really interested Chris and I in the weMove journey is getting to talk to the people who have been at the start of movements, what they were looking for and what they have to share. And Eddie definitely feels like one of those for us to glean some knowledge from and connect with others who we are meeting.

Growing up in New York, when New York was a very different place to what it is today working in record stores, playing in bands Eddie discovered yoga in a quest for the feeling of more we feel about being Human.

That led him to the small and diverse New York yoga scene of the early 80s when there was no Instagram and social media, but there was definitely a passion, desire and curiosity in our potential and consciousness.

This quest led Eddie to venture further afield to India and we talk to Eddie about seemingly disparate that connected groups of people in this podcast the straight edge punk scene in New York and the hardcore rigorous committed life of an Ashtanga yogi heading out to the home of the practice in Mysore, India to learn from the founders of the practice.

 Whilst Asthanga might not be everyone's cup of tea what interests us is to learn about the curiosity in which Eddie has taken into the practice and then onwards with his exploration into the philosophy and pranayama aspects of the practice. This connects the dots with our interest in the power of breathing which has fascinated us since issue 1 of weMove.

Eddie also recently launched his book titled “One Simple Thing. A new look at the science of Yoga and how it can transform your life.” Along with a breathing app you can download for Apple or Android which Chris and I use regularly for our ice bath sessions to support our focus and relaxation when the mind is going wild.

Its super simple to use and in conjunction with the Shift State app from Brian Mackenzie and Rob Wilson, these are our go-to’s.

So enjoy the conversation, Eddie was super gracious in his time with us and we look forward to getting a round two in at some point in the next 12 months.



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