Today we feature Gary Ward who was on our radar in Issue 1 of the magazine when we featured his book “What the foot” as an essential book to read for movement performance and health. Fast forward 3 or 4 years and we're speaking to him person having been connected by our growing network of like minds.

Gary is kind of a secret weapon in injury prevention, performance development and all around bodily health because Gary’s interest lies in awareness and alignment. Awareness not only in the present sense but also awareness of our past.

Because tuning in to the events of our past can shine a light on how it has informed our present way of moving, living and being and with this awareness we have the potential to improve our alignment of our body and I think it goes much deeper and I believe it helps a line our body and mind and our spirit in order to to reach your potential.

Gary's credentials are working with some of the best football teams in the Premiership as well as various athletes and us regular folk. All starting life as a ski boot fitter in Chamonix. Who would have thought that those big stiff clunky boots would be the catalyst for working out how we can improve ourselves as human beings.

Chris has been working with one of his is students Dominic Koch for I think the last year now and has had great improvements albeit seemingly having to take a few steps back in order to move forward which reminds me of a great quote I had a great quote yesterday which was to “withdraw before making the jump” and I think there's something in that.

We have got to go back into our past to clean things up and realign them in order for us to reach where we set our sights on, and I think that goes across sports performance, health, life, work, everything.

So enjoy this podcast , there are some really great ideas and insights from Gary. And if anyone's interested in ridding their body of the injuries that keep coming up for them its worth checking out what he does and his the methodologies Gary uses as part of his Anatomy in Motion methodology. I would certainly recommend it and from what I have seen and heard, it may well change the way you think and move and I'm pretty confident it will set you on a new path of achieving what you set out to achieve.

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