This week Chris was in conversation with Sophie Everard @Sophiemadtolive. Sophie I would say is cut from a similar cloth to Richie Norton in many ways, with the belief that when we move ourselves, when we move our bodies we in turn move our mind, and change our chemistry inside and how we see the world outside.

Chris and Sophie talk about growing up with a dad and a mum who were both super active, entrepreneurial and pro discovering who you are and living in the present moment. There's a lovely little bit on fear and what fear is. Mental health and building mental resilience which ties into @tiffanysoi podcast she did for us, so this is one of those podcasts that has links into many other podcasts whilst also learning about Sophie and her journey to how she sees the world.

It's a great conversation that I have listened to a few times this last week with some different perspectives on many things that I have been thinking and I'm sure you will have also thought so enjoy.

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