This week's podcast is for those who are looking for or working towards improving themselves, their movement practice, their health practice, in fact any practice. And it follows on from the last two podcasts with Gary Ward and Severin Romanov. It's about awareness, and in that I mean cultivating awareness and within the cultivation of our awareness, a return to the fundamentals and to the principles of the very thing we are trying to improve.

We recorded this episode back in March of this year and it's curious, to me at least how we have these conversations and how unknowingly at the time how relevant they are to us come the time we release them, because they are not recorded at the time only knowing they are a piece of the puzzle. And this is the next piece of the puzzle and our guest is Ray Carbullido the martial artist and visual artist from Hawaii

Whilst his practices might not be your practice, for Ray it's the fundamentals and the experiences that martial arts has given him since he began practicing as a child that have enabled him to cultivate and develop himself and his potential. That is the essence of Rays message in his workshops and teachings.

And I'm listening back to the podcast these months later it is astonishing to me how simple his messages when at the time I'm what I was hearing I wasn't in the right place to receive the information and now we put this out it feels to me like I can hear what he says and the simplicity in which awareness and the cultivation of awareness can be gained. It's cool it's really cool and it might be for you like it was some he kind of straight over my head but returning to it a few months later was exactly the podcast for me at this time so enjoy and as always let us know what you think


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