This week we are sharing a conversation with Severin Romanov about recognising where you are and the importance of having a clear understanding of that position in order to grow and become. Severin is the son of Dr Romanov, the founder of POSE METHOD, most commonly known within running circles and a style which our good friend @thenaturallifestylist Tony Riddle mentioned in our first podcast with him.

I caught up with Severin in London as he was passing through only really knowing that his Dad, Dr R had discovered POSE METHOD.

I took a lot from the conversation because it's more about understanding who you are and where you are send finding a magic bullet to increase your performance.

As Severin outlines, knowing 'who you are' and knowing 'where you are' gives a much clearer idea for yourself in working out how to get where you'd like to go. And with presence of mind and awareness you can evolve and continue learning and I think that's really it so enjoy the conversation and let us know what you think.

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