New podcast this week and it's different from our usual releases yet follows on from the brilliant 3 podcasts @tiffanysoi hosted for weMove that talked about mental resilience in a variety of forms.

What we are beginning to realise is that weMove started life as an exploration into our potential and is in part autobiographical for Chris and me. The connections that we share are from teachers we have been drawn to, inspired by and curious to learn from. The magazine, podcast, films and C.H.E. are our vehicles to spend time with, learn from and connect to our weMove community who share a similar curiosity for our innate potential and possibility. We turn up with open hearts and minds ready to receive wisdom from their experiences. What that means for us is that we turn up as students and explorers of our Self, prepared to deep-dive in doing the work for our own growth.

We have come to realise from observation and personal experience that growth can be extremely painful and there is an absolute necessity during these times to be still, patient and allow it to unfold. Painful layers are sometimes revealed, and without frameworks and an understanding, sometimes reactions can overtake the stillness. This is an experience that I recently had, which led me to experience an “emotional hijacking” caused by deep conditioning and a very real attempt at taking my own life.

To be clear and very thankful to those close to me I'm still here and doing what needs to be done, connecting dots and reframing many memories of past experiences. Whilst at the time this was a scary and painful place to be, ultimately this has delivered a positive outcome. I'm more aware than ever of the deep conditioning that has been with me and developed overtime and it now presents itself to be acknowledged, released and in turn grow. It goes without saying that I and we (my family and Chris) need the space to process, integrate and heal, and consequently we are putting C.H.E. on hold in order to move forward, take the lessons that come from going deep into modalities that deep dive into our potential and shadow.

We thought long and hard about the decision to postpone C.H.E. but this occurrence reconfirmed the importance of being ready and I was caught out. Now I'm not the only one this has and can happen to but what I do know from this experience is that strength and support comes from being open, honest and true.

For that reason I sat in conversation with Damian Fearns one of the C.H.E. mentors/innovators, who has supported me with his professional knowledge as a psycho therapist to navigate myself through this.

We put this out not knowing how it will be received but with faith that the more open the conversation the more we as individuals can feel we are not alone, whatever that is happening.

Peace. James & Chris