Why have we got an assessment application to attend C.H.E.? That is a question we have been asked. The C.H.E. is a fast track to developing potential and as the proverb goes “If you want to go fast; go alone. But if you want to go far, then go together.”

To go both far and fast requires a blend, as an individual you have to be ready and as a group the dynamic must be just so that everyone connects and combines supporting each other through the journey.

What do you need to have to both go far and fast? Well this is not like picking teams at school where those picked last weren’t good at the game. Because the game of being a complete human requires a mindset that is ready to learn and develop, that is curious about there being more in the metaphorical tank.

And that is why we called on experts to co create the C.H.E. with us, and one of those experts is Damian Fearns (coach, trainer and therapist) who works with some of the worlds largest organisations and individuals to support them in realising their potential as individuals and teams. Damian designed the C.H.E. assessment with us and is the best person to explain the ins and outs of the assessment and what applicants will experience over the course of the C.H.E.

For those applying this is good information and for those who haven’t and are interested then this is a great short form podcast (<15 minutes) for you.

Register online at weMove.world