RAISING CHILDREN, NATURES WAY: Tony Riddle x Katarina Riddle

weMove is intended to connect knowledge seekers, active teachers, seasoned athletes and raw beginners with ideas, solutions and tools from those who have learned from experience. As weMove is connecting more and more dots Chris and I know when it is the time to reach out to our network to discover more ideas which might not be on our radar at the time. And this is the first episode to do just that. In Friends of weMove we are creating guest podcasts with our previous guests to follow a line of enquiry they have had.

This first episode is brought to you with Tony Riddle on the mic. aka The Natural Lifestylist we had hosted a couple of podcasts with Tony (Rewild Yourself & Movement & Play) and have shared many cold water experiences with him. His pods are great listens and what he is doing in his line of development we felt would be great for listeners. So here it is and what better way to start the series than with his wife Katarina who is leading the charge in advocating for raising children in nature and through example of the importance of nature. Again more inspiration to connect with our natural rhythm, nature and live and move from a place of grounding.

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