DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SLEEP? Nick Littlehales

We are talking about something that makes us feel good, that we as a society struggle to get enough and it is perhaps the most ignored and forgotten point in our day where we process, recover and regenerate our bodies and minds. I’m talking about sleep.

Chris and I caught up with the professional athletes go to sleep coach who are looking for the marginal gains which separate them from the rest, he is called Nick Littlehales and is ideas and concepts have been used by the GB cycling team, Man City football club and many others that we are not able to divulge.

Having recently become a parent, the first question I am asked in jest is “are you sleeping?” Well since applying the simple ideas Nick outlines, we as a family have improved our sleep no end. We now understand our sleep cycle and rhythm so that we all, yes that’s all sleep through. I should say subject to teething but that’s not sleep.

It blew me away how and is so obvious that understanding and following the rhythm of our own self and not the rhythm of others or a cultured homogenised norm allows us to get the most out of our bodies.

Sleep deprivation has been used as torture, and quite honestly that is not how I wish to live. Connected with Damian Fearns podcast about mental health, understanding your sleep cycles and the benefits of good sleep hygiene might just make the single biggest difference to your mental and physical health, no need for an ice bath, that love affair comes over time!

We will be integrating Nicks ideas at C.H.E. as part of a toolbox of ideas for creating increased awareness in our bodies and minds to perform and live to our potential.