This week we are back on UK soil and connecting with Sophie Hellyer, who we got to know through her love of the water, and in particular the cold water. Turns out she is also a surfer, activist, yogi and pretty much a complete weMover.

We met her in London and as you do we got in the ponds in Hampstead for a bit of cold followed by pancakes at out go to spot in Hampstead LLS café, first shown to us by another like mind Tony Riddle aka thenaturallifestylist.

With Sophie we talk about what it means to be living the movement life, peripatetic and accomplished at many things, but what we really spent time with was talking about the cold, how it seems to be drawing more people in, inspired by the Ice Man Wim Hof, Laird Hamilton and his crew with XPT, and also the eccentric British take on things which are the cold water lake swimmers which we also means us.

Sophie, through her yoga retreats introduces her yogis to the delights of cold water, the connection with the self and others that it has the habit of doing. From here we talk about her surfing past, how she is using her position of social media influence to share an honest take on things and generally living a healthy purpose driven life on the move.

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