Why do we do this stuff, what is it about us humans that want to see what’s beyond the mountains or obstacles in front of us, how do we get meaning from doing what we do and why are emotions so important to the whole performance, growth and progression of our lives? All of these are questions we asked ourselves and are themes that emerge from conversations we have with our guests.

When we meet characters who have achieved great things or are operating in the zone of their potential, there is something that feels very connected within them. Like the dots have lined up and they are able to navigate scenarios be they in sport, business or life with a seeming ease. Now this isn’t to say it is easy for them but they are comfortable in situations that others might not be. Not reckless or dangerous, just able to be present, connected and whole. Like they have integrated practice and theory to the point where in the moment they can create more time to perform. And it is the concept of integration that is coming into more and more of our conversations over the last 6 months and a concept, which is at the heart of the C.H.E. event we are organising.

And with this concept it feels right to talk to the experts and get into the way people think, what goes on in the body when we experience life and how can we course correct the limiting beliefs and blockages that can hold us in states of anxiety, depression and fear and begin to trend upwards and strengthen our positives. So the first expert we have in is Damian Fearns, Trainer, coach and therapist, specialising in the Integral methodology and solutions focussed psycho therapy. Damian is on the co creation team for C.H.E. whilst working with global blue chip clients developing their teams to become more rounded as people to raise their individual and group performance. 

We talk about how we get the best out of ourselves, how emotions are stored in the body and how traumatic experiences can leave us with an imprint of fear within our body that can hold us back unless recognised and skilfully removed.