Follow your passion and remember that everything has to be done to learn. Jamie Ramsay was like many of us, head down, following the footsteps of those around us and the conditioning of our environment but rarely make the leap into adventure for fear of the unknown. As Jamie points out “the whole idea of adventure is that you have no idea what is going to happen, and that you overcome whatever challenges appear. That is what gives you the opportunity to grow and become.

As long as you’ve got your health, adventure is not a barrier. But you do need to look after yourself, keep the variety in what you do, resist the temptation to continually keep your head down. And most importantly pass on the learnings you discover to others through inspiration to do the same.

Reflecting on his podcast it was the idea that coming back and doing the work is the part that gives you the results, and that is a concept that we hear consistently from those who have achieved things that others admire and it is with first hand experience that has inspired the next leg of the weMove journey which is the Complete Human Experience or C.H.E. where we are bringing together the minds who have mentored Chris and myself with a group of like minded movers. This will be an 8-10 week program which begins with a 4 day immersive experience to share learn and discover what is holding back and more importantly the keys to unlock potential. In terms of what we set out to do with weMove this is it, giving back to others to experience their potential and support them to reach their potential.

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