REDEFINE YOUR IMPOSSIBLE. School of Calisthenics

This week we are with Tim and Jacko, the founders of the @schoolofcalisthenics . I first met the guys when we were at the start of our respective journeys, weMove was just an idea, the School of Calisthenics was in embryonic stage and we met on the south coast with a bunch of aspiring and former athletes to learn the fundamentals of calisthenics under the tutelage of the guys. 

With a background in professional Rugby and S&C coaching for Olympians they are no strangers to the physical demands and needs of the body but when they discovered calisthenics, they discovered a new way of moving and more importantly creating resilient bodies that can be injury free and fully rehabilitated from full on shoulder surgeries. 
That combination sparked the idea for the School as a place for people to challenge their own limiting beliefs and as the guys call it “redefine your impossible”. And that idea is where we connected back then with the idea that if we can collectively and individually inspire others to move then a world of possibilities will open up. It is not necessarily the goal to be able to hold a handstand or do a muscle up, because that comes with a purposeful practice over time. A quote springs to mind from Wayne Dyer “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This is for weMove and the School the most exciting aspect of this growing interest in movement and health, it is a continuous journey of discovery into just what we as humans are capable of.

I see that as the greatest strength of Tim and Jacko, they have built a community based on an authenticity to get people to move and see just what they are capable of. And when that light is switched on in people, whilst being supported by like minds then the ceiling to what can be achieved is lifted.

So we cover a lot of ground, from their beginnings, how we as a group see movement and the challenges that brings for people evolving as they practice and also we go into a bit more depth on our event and program the Complete Human Experience.

This is our inaugural symposium where we will be co creating with The Rewire Project an immersive experience taking you out of our comfort zones, and into a world of growth and learning to upgrade how you perform in your practice and beyond.

This isn’t like any retreat, festival or workshop out there, this is a culmination of the wisdom we have learned over the last 4 years from the worlds innovators in movement, health and adventure. 
And it won't be for everyone, this will go deep, about as deep as you can go. Hobbyists need no apply

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