THOUGHTS ON: Reflection. Wil Brown

Wil Brown.jpeg

Today in our thoughts on series we pick up on the concept of reflection spoken about in our time with Ron Kauk and a strong theme amongst all those we are meeting. Taking time to look at your past, present and future honestly and without judgement. The latter part being a real challenge as we, that is movers tend to be quite alpha in personality and want to constantly make progress.

The purpose of reflection is to turn around, look how far we have come and take that forward. So we speak to an ascendant movement specialist Wil Brown. First spotted him on insta as I was working out handstands and things and he was heading to Australia to explore movement culture. Its been great to hang out a few time with Wil, incredibly accomplished already in his early twenties and yet super humble with an enormous appetite to learn.

No surprise and also quite surprising for his age, he uses the process of reflection during his coaching sessions and for his personal development to integrate the thoughts and emotions with the physical practice.

You can follow Wil on instagram @wbrown7

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