BIRTH: The Complete Human Experience. Lindsey Mathews


Something a little different but related to the year that we, well I had. This one is about the power of birth, the epic adventure it is and was very timely as I became a dad a 6 weeks before hand.

Watching my partner give birth to our boy, the lead up to it, the act of it and the post birth or postpartum has taken me on a wild ride and that’s just my experience, let alone that of my partner. Truly amazing and as life unfolds we are discovering many practices and people creating support networks for the act of birth and beyond and that leads us today.

We are in conversation with Lindsey Matthews a doctor of chiropractic, birth doula, NLP practitioner, and strength and conditioning coach and founder of Birthfit. the brainchild of Lindsey Birthfit is an eco system of all things birth prep and beyond termed by Lindsey and the team as the motherhood transition.

Birthfit is a movement, an approach to birth, a state of readiness and a support team with a mission to cultivate awareness and enhance education throughout the motherhood transition by developing and producing experiences through in person classes, and distance learning so that a woman has the space to make her own informed, intuitively guided choices. 

Having been present at the birth of my son and earlier the death of my father, the way we talk about the start and end of our lives is not talked about enough, not in a morbid or icky kind of way. But instead an informed celebration of these two phases of our lives which have profound echoes beyond for the family unit.

Chris and I are sold on the power of Birthfit having met Lindsey and some of her team who are all powerhouses in their own right and just brilliant people doing super important work. I love this conversation, its different to the last few weeks and at the same time another dot on the journey to a complete human experience.

Follow birthfit at and @birthfit on insta. IF you know of any mums and dads to be, this might be useful. Enjoy.

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