THOUGHTS ON: Vocal Awareness. James & Chris

“Space has value. A song without a rest is not the same piece of music.

It creates thinking time.”

This week Chris and I chat about meeting Arthur Joseph, our experience of having a short session during the podcast where we access the hidden powers of our voice and what that has meant to us since that meeting. Being with Arthur as with anyone else who is a master of their art always leaves us feeling incredibly humbled and also inspired to apply to the best of our skills and abilities what we are learning.

Communication and therefore our voice is the conduit for everything that we do. We have the ability to have thought and it is only in the communication be that vocal, tangible (a product), physical (a movement) that our idea becomes reality which others can connect and interact with.

From personal experience the number of times that I miss the mark with communicating ideas to others and this leaves me with a sense of frustration because in my mind the idea is so clear. The steps he describes to implementing Vocal Awareness of Stature, Source, Love and let go requires practice to implement but so worth it to be able to connect with others whilst being authentic and true to ones Self.

Highly recommend his book Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes a Day to Communication Mastery