THOUGHTS ON: The Process with Caro Burckle

This week in thoughts on we are talking Process Or The process as we hear it. These two words conceal a world of reflection and adaptation in our approach to achieving our goals. In terms of application sport is a great analogy for many of us. The often short-sighted approach to sport is to focus on the outcome exclusively. Winning. Yet this approach will challenge us if chased without respect for how to get there and that is the process. The physical, mental and spiritual approach to realising potential which for a growing number of athletes and movers we speak to is the holy grail by which they measure their performance and progress.

We catch up with Caroline Burckle, swimmer and Olympic medallist in the Beijing 2008 olympics. Olympic medal winning is from the outside the pinnacle and job done for an athlete but as we hear from Caro the way we approach is the key. These conceptual frameworks can often be challenging to grasp, requiring consistent sincere practice to integrate them in our daily lives but when they are there, as with anything practiced in this way they become stronger and stronger.

You can follow Caro @caroburckle and her company Rise @riseathletes an athlete mentoring program connecting the new generation with seasoned pros who guide them forward.

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