THOUGHTS ON: Breathwork with Leo Daniel

This week in our Thoughts on podcast we get the low down on the increasingly popular breathwork modality. From the Wim Hof Method, Buteyko, Inspirational Breathing, pranayama there are many techniques and coaches popping up all over. But what does each one do, are they different and what do you look for when going to a breathwork teacher, a class or wanting to chose the right one for you?

We have been fortunate enough to speak to many breath expert, coaches and teachers and following from @_brianmackenzie podcast “Breath is Life” we contacted our good friend @iamleodaniel the Irish health and breathwork coach who has more experience with using breath to heal debilitating conditions than most and well connected with Brian, Wim etc.

Leo takes us through the differences of the breathing techniques, what to look for to get the most from your experience and also the rarely talked about effects of breathwork which can range from boosting performance to releasing deep held trauma within the body.

We are all breathing, yet no one has told us how to breath efficiently and get the most out of what we are born with to optimise ourselves every day. We recommend listening to this if you are interested in starting a breathwork practice, boosting performance or wanting to boost your immune system.

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