YOU ARE 100% POTENTIAL. Jeremy Brook

This week we are talking health, but not in the way of what to eat to be healthy. Health is the underlying reason why we move these days, it isn’t so much to escape predators and yet so many people walk around in a sub optimal state of health, hovering just north of being ok with no obvious illness, condition or worse.

Health comes down to a personal philosophy and paradigm. Are you pro active or reactive in your approach to health? Most people are ok with being one step above zero. Our bodies as we are learning more and more tell us exactly what we need to know about how we are running.

Whether we listen, want to listen or take the time to check in with ourselves is another matter. Today we catch up with Jeremy Brook who me met in the tight knit community that is Deuce Gym in LA.

He goes by the moniker on instagram as @Spinechecker and yes he looks after not just the spine but the entire body as a forward thinking chiropractor. And following in the path of the conversations we have had with Tony Molina of the Rewire Project, Lindsey Mathews at Birthfit, there is more to the body than just what we see.

Jeremy sees the body as an interconnected network, where the muscles in our body between 6-800 depending on our make up can be considered 1, whilst our skeletal system floats amongst these and fascia weaves its way through everything. Understanding that the body is a whole changes the way health is approached, nothing is in isolation and everything is connected.

There are many more health wizards we want to speak with to continue the connection of dots for us all to become inquisitive and really get the most out of what we are born with. As Jeremy says we are 100% potential it just needs to be activated.

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