This weeks pod is brought to you from the heart of Venice, Los Angeles. One of our go to places when we are in California. We have been fortunate enough to be introduced to a great group of individuals out there who are all exploring and innovating within the movement, health and adventure space.

This recording is with one of the leaders in the gym culture space, Logan Gelbrich. This is Logans second appearance on the weMove podcast and for those who don’t know him, Logan is a former pro baseball athlete, turned innovator and entrepreneur with a mission to create a gym whose culture, accelerates the development of the individuals who go, be they the coaching team or the active user.

Overtime we set foot in Deuce, there is a work ethic and focus running through everyone there. How much you lift, push, pull is irrelevant, the real marker of success we see and take inspiration from is the obsession with the process of improvement and the unrelenting dedication to show up take the necessary steps to move forward.

The by product of this attention and focus on the process invariably creates transformation in people, physically and mentally which filters throughout all areas of their lives based on the conversations we have had.

So this pod is about the process, focussing on only what is in our actual control and honing this, because the process will take us where we want to go.

You can follow logan on instagram @functionalcoach and @deuce_gym


“If I master my domain, which is that which is in my control, then that is literally the path to my best Self.”


“Uncertainty is real in both directions; you choosing your peak Self, going for that thing you really want in your life, but so is the existence that feels much safer.”

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