THOUGHTS ON: Movement and play. Tony Riddle

‘By making gradual changes we can begin to reclaim our innate wisdom and, eventually, redefine social norms so that one day, living in a more natural, harmonious way will be the norm, rather than the unnatural, stress-filled 24/7 society we’ve created.’

This week in Thoughts on, we ask our cold water compadre and natural movement specialist Tony Riddle aka The Natural Lifestylist about movement and the play state.

The thoughts on series is a result of wanting to go a little deeper and gain another perspective on themes which emerge from the main weekly podcast and this comes from our pod with Tony Molina founder of the Rewire project. Who said that the fundamental with people wanting to move is that they simply cannot very well. And that is the foundation and starting point for everything we do.

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It might sound like we are in two different places during this podcast and that’s because we are. Using the power of technology to connect the weMove world together. We record these not as a conversation but as a series of emailed questions the guest records the answers to in the comfort of their own home.

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