Following on from Finding Flow with Jamie Wheal we bring you the second podcast from our California and Texas trip, this time with the guy who has changed our ideas on fitness and health more than any other.

We describe him to others as a real life Jason Bourne, Tony Molina, founder of the Rewire Project began life in Marine Reconnaisance, endured more than most crossing countries at speed and then found himself wanting to understand more about his own physical performance in order to support others to get out there rather than watch vicariously on a screen.


Reconnect with your body and retrain your mind as you redefine what it means to feel good every day.

From back in the days of Marine Recon

From back in the days of Marine Recon

The Rewire Project his boutique health and fitness space looks like no other gym we have set foot in, there are no free weights, no tredmills or rowing machines, and yet here you will boost your systemic health, increase your performance and develop the skills to do things that you never perhaps thought you would, getting out of your comfort zone and making the choice whether to thrive or survive.

In fact the testing workout which Tony had us do was probably the most intense session we have done, the run we then went on with him gave us a rude awakening in to how inefficiently we breath through our nose and set us on a direct course to become more physically and psychologically prepared for the world around us, and eager to continue to rewire our brains and bodies to get the most out of what we were born with.

To today, Tony and his wife are at the forefront of the new paradigm in health and fitness.

To today, Tony and his wife are at the forefront of the new paradigm in health and fitness.

The podcast covers the routes to good health, what is happening in the paradigm of health and fitness and why the old paradigm of diet and exercise that has been engrained in our culture is missing one vital part which is holding us back from moving forward. Our ability to Adapt.

So much of the research that we are reading and hearing about focuses on the brain, how we can develop our brain to reduce injury, illness and boost strength, ability and much more. It is the driver to everything we do and yet the last part to be worked on.

In our session with Tony before the podcast, he had taken us through a new method called Postural Alignment which connects the information the eyes see and the feet feel to give a clearer picture to the brain as to what needs to be done. Within five minutes our aching joints and symptoms of historical injuries had disappeared and our strength had increased, without lifting weights and with no painkillers. It has to be experienced or at least seen to be believed but these are techniques which the right osteopath, physio and trainer can learn and incorporate into their treatments and for us regular folk, learn and practice in our daily lives.

In Tony’s words we survive best when we are a little bit cold and a little bit hungry.

Get your notebook ready and enjoy what you are about to hear.

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