FINDING FLOW. Jamie Wheal.


“Stay awake and build stuff. Do the hard thing and above all, be kind”

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This weeks podcast Chris and I are super excited about for a number of reasons.

weMove has always been an exploration by us both into a new way of being, Chris often describes the entire process as autobiographical as we have found ourselves meeting the people that we needed to meet at the time we meet them.

They answer questions we have been asking of ourselves and where we go to next and send us forward with new ideas and connections to seek out. 

So today marks the beginning of what we trust will be the next leg of the weMove journey, which started as all good journeys do with a roadtrip, this time to California and finishing in Texas, and Texas is where we find ourselves for what you are about to hear with a guy called Jamie Wheal, co founder of the Flow Genome Project.

The Flow Genome Project, Jamie will explain more eloquently than I but they are taking a deep dive into the state where everything just goes right. The moment when there is just us and it, and all thought, effort seemingly dissolve.

We have probably all had these times, often fleeting and we wonder if we will have them again. And that is what makes the Flow Genome Project so interesting Jamie and his partner Steve Kotler, have through research and practice with the leaders in action sports, special forces and cutting edge businesses tapped into and explored how we can access this state at will. Because it is such a great place to be that why wouldn’t you want to get in the zone every second of every day.

Jamie Wheal podcast mindmap: what we cover and how it connects.

Jamie Wheal podcast mindmap: what we cover and how it connects.

One of our earlier podcasts with Rich Husseiny, the Olympic action sports performance coach who connected us with Jamie as we would often talk about the flow state and states of altered consciousness when we get in the icy English sea most mornings. Rich recommended the book Stealing Fire and Chris and I consumed it before we went over to the US to meet Jamie. It’s a great book, and left us with questions as to are we as a culture losing sight of the power of the flow state in a quest to hack our way through life and miss the richness that comes from the process of living, improving and growing as people.

So we set off to the US with these questions in our minds and it just so happened that Jamie was the last person we were to see on our two week trip. We weren’t quite prepared for what Jamie was to say during the hour long conversation and we left feeling a little flat, thinking we had missed the gold of this opportunity. IT was actually in coming back home, revisiting and reflecting on the podcasts that we both realised how important this conversation was for us and many people we have been speaking to before during and after this trip.

It, along with the rest of this trip showed us what weMove can be and why we are exploring this world of movement, health and adventure. The goal has never been to become simply a sport and fitness platform, that would only be one part of the puzzle as to why we all do what we do, because everything we do has the potential to enrich our experience to live as complete humans. We are capable than more than we realise, and to get the most out of what we are born with we have to understand our operating system, so this feels like an introduction into the next step in becoming better humans in any and all parts of our lives.

So, put this on let us know what you think. Our youtube channel weMove world is now live and the podcasts will be available to watch and listen there with further content and ideas from the thought leaders of movement, health and adventure being released weekly as a resource to dip in to when you are looking for some inspiration.


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