Mills. Maverick. Just fucking do it.

“When you believe in yourself, you start to realise you can change yourself”



- We get straight into this podcast and in true Mills style there are many tangents which spring up and we follow them. Covering ground from the misunderstood idea of being selfish, suicide, ultra running, depression, the joy of good health and the consequences of the quest of self development on the relationships around us.

- Mills built UsTwo with Sinx into a 400 strong team and thriving business, 13 years later he reached a point mentally over the course of two years where he realised he wasn’t giving his best or feeling great. He emailed this company to say that he needed time off to restore his mojo.

- This caused a ripple of support from his team to quest out and restore himself. We chat briefly about how little we are encouraged to speak how we feel for fear of being judged when in fact we are often supported by those around us.

- Mills began running, first for an unenjoyable marathon and then discovered the joy of running and the simplicity and direct effects of moving on our health and perspective.

- The running path continued leading up to Mills first 100 mile race later in 2018, but also a discovery of learning how to learn and the freedom that brings.

- There is so much in this podcast that it is best experienced.


- Co Founder of UsTwo digital creative agency with his long time friend Sinx. The success of UsTwo is made up of multiple parts. Digital Product Design Agency, Independent Games Studio, Investment Fun’d and most recently, The Adventure Playground. For those who have downloaded it the game Monument Valley is the digital product which put them on the map even more.

- Host of the JFDI (Just Fucking Do It) podcast where Mills downloads his journey of setting goals which at the start seem impossible and working towards them.

- Speaker at the Do Lectures, watch here.

- Mills popped up on our radar as someone who is reassessing how he lives and inhabits his body and the world around him. Discovering movement has and is transforming his approach to success, dedication and inspiration.

- Follow Mills on instagram @millsustwo


BOOK: The Zen of Running by Fred Rohe - see it here

BOOK: Running & Being by Dr George Sheehan - see it here

HUMAN: Tim Shieff - watch his YouTube Channel here

NUTRITION: Tribe Nutrition - order here


“I didn’t feel good so I forced myself to change everything about my life, and I went hunting for that elixir, that feeling of feeling good, and I started to find it”


“I think I had to reach a form of success to realise it isn’t everything”


“There is a better world for us when you start to make changes towards looking after yourself”


“Really, to get into anything, you just need to find someone to inspire you”

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