Tony Riddle. Rewild your Self.

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“How many hours have you spent outdoors today? That’s what we should all be saying”



- Following a military service, Tony discovered the Pilates method through the book “Return to life the Contrology

- Met Nicholas Romanov from the Pose Method running school and transferred this thinking over to Pilates.

- Developed understanding of the body from a physical perspective and it was a chance awakening which happened during a training session at his gym where Tony realised that the methods he was teaching were not intertwined with how he was living.

-Plant medicine ceremonies taught Tony about his true nature, what was holding him back and resetting him to redefine his life course and begin connecting with our true nature.

-Tonys methodology is based in restoring our biological norms, how were have been designed to move, eat, think and live. Reconnecting with this approach enables us as humans to experience a complete perspective of living and moving.


- The Natural Lifestylist, Tony has spent the last 18 years of his life dedicated to developing and refining a robust way of life based around natural principles.

- Having had many lives from the military to pilates teacher, Tony believes that we as human beings have innate abilities which the urban environment has domesticated out of us.

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To discover what our biological norms are there are certain tests which Tony recommends to discover what our genetic make up is, in order to optimise how we live and return to our natural state.

- 23&Me, the DNA ancestry test used by Tony to learn about his genetic make up and potential weaknesses which can be supported to prevent longer term illnesses.

- VIOME tests analyse your gut detecting the nutrients and toxins produced by your microbiome and give you personalized recommendations of foods and nutrients to heal your gut with the goal to keep you free from chronic conditions.


“83% of the UK live in urban environments and they spend 90% of their time indoors.”


“We are known as the indoor generation.”


‘By making gradual changes we can begin to reclaim our innate wisdom and, eventually, redefine social norms so that one day, living in a more natural, harmonious way will be the norm, rather than the unnatural, stress-filled 24/7 society we’ve created.’

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