Charlie Dark. DJ. Poet. Producer. Run Dem Crew.

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‘Running has had a tremoundous impact on my life, but Yoga has had a bigger impact than running’


Images: James Mooney @pointshootthink | Art Direction: Harris Elliott @harriselliott


Founder of Run Dem Crew.

Former member of Attica Blues, DJ, music producer, poet and now Yoga Teacher.

An advocate for community, CHarlie has been creating communities in every medium he is involved with

Images: James Mooney @pointshootthink | Art Direction: Harris Elliott @harriselliott


- Yoga teacher training - Journey of discovery and self growth

- New ideas with RDC - ideas being absorbed by other crews and brands with more money etc

- Was going to shut down RDC, killed it off for a while. Made Charlie realise the role RDC had in peoples life.

- RDC was never set up to become the force it became. He wasn’t prepared for it.

- Was a dj, making music in the 90’s as Attica blues signed to Sony, dropped at the time music industry changed. The dark period of RDC felt like being dropped from the Sony label

- BikeStormz helped him refocus back into line with RDC


‘I always feel disappoint is the best thing that can happen to you because it jolts you back into reality’


‘I think it’s really important for people to fail’


‘If you want to change communities you have to change them from the inside, but you got to give the insiders an experience outside the community and allow them to bring that back, and to permeate that out’


‘I’m trying to future proof my crew so they learn good habits that’s allow them to keep running because I’ve seen so many people get taken out of the game never to return’


‘There’s a last time in your life where you ever move freely without thinking about the consequences of movement and I think that’s a thing we experience a lot as children’

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