Rich Husseiny. Finding peace within.

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"Seeing death has allowed me to realise life is finite and it’s led me on the path of self discovery, self development, opening my horizons, trying new things."



- Lost mum to cancer in 2015, gave her end of life care. Lost dad when he was 16. Always neglected grief and tried to ignore it.

- Worked for the harlequins rugby. Always aiming at the English institute of Sport and got a job with the British divers. Exos job in China via LinkedIn. Lived in Beijing and Shanghai.

- In China found they were training in a way that was archaic to him, but they were producing gold medal winning athletes.

- Living a life that Rich thought defined success, freedom, personal growth and thinking he was in the best place of his life and it turned out that he had just been masking over everything -from his dad being an alcoholic, losing his dad, going through the grief of losing my mums fiancée to then  getting the worst news of all, finding out over the phone that his mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer.’

- Had a very difficult, very connecting, loving experience with my mum for those last 8 weeks, it was extremely difficult to watch someone get broken down by cancer that you can’t do anything about. It what cancer enabled us was to have conversations I was terrified to have before that and to open up and to hear how she felt and say how I felt. That was a very wonderful experience from something so awful’

- Read The Rise of Superman and discovered the concept of Flow States. ‘Flow is a non ordinary state of consciousness, same as dreams, same as visions but it’s a very functional, high performing state of consciousness where innovation and those moments of creation come from.’


- GB Snow Sports Strength, Conditioning and Performance Coach.

- Member of the English Institute of Sport and Team EXOS working with Chinese Olympic teams for Beijing Olympics.

- Exploring performance and providing end of life care to his mother opened Rich to the concept of Flow and The Flow Genome Project, where Rich has focussed his attention on how to access the "Flow state" to access our true performance for health, sport and daily life.


"Flow is accessing that state of mind where we feel and perform our best"


"Continually chasing the highs I don’t think is fully productive, because you’re just chasing the next one. What are you learning? What do you get from it?"


"Meditation allows you to be in the present moment so I believe meditation definitely enhances sporting performance as well as life performance."

Written by founder of The Flow Genome Project. CLICK TO BUY

Written by founder of The Flow Genome Project. CLICK TO BUY

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