Paleta Calm Quality. Dancer. Choreographer. Nike Trainer

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"I had to find myself in a place where I was ok saying, ‘no, that’s not for me’ and not feeling like I’m missing out on something."



- Dancer, Choreographer, Yogi

- Was a kid that could never sit still. Always moving, always stretching, led her to rhythmic gymnastics at 4, had to stop at 8 because of a pain in her hip.

- Got into martial arts. Trained in kung fun for 4 years. Leading to free movement and dance. Talent shows and tap, jazz and dance classes led to the hip hop and b-boy scene round 14.

- At 16 they found the cyst in her hip joint that doctors recommended removal via surgery, was told she would never dance in the future. Opting for the surgery, it was her Dad who said he didn’t feel good about this option and wanted her to see someone who did alternative treatments, leading her down a completely uncharted healing journey.



- 4 years of a radical rethink of health and self care, including dietary changes, the way she viewed herself and the world around her, in combination with massage, energy treatments and lots of talking to her therapist encouraged an opening up about fears and what she might be holding onto in her sub conscious leading to the formation of the cyst and the dis-ease in her body.

- Healing the cyst, Paleta went to NYC to train in many different dance styles. Training all day and dancing in clubs all night. Over dancing/training led to shin splints Paleta reassessed her schedule and went to her first yoga class. Another twist in the journey.

- Moving back to Switzerland, she auditioned for a UK crew called boy blue entertainment and moved to the UK for three months to do it. Figuring it would be a short trip to the UK, on returning home realised things needed to change and take it to the next level.

Images shot on location at BLOK Shoreditch by Chris Baker

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"Calm Quality is everything and a lot of things for me. It is part of who I am. It describes me, the way I live my life, how I approach my work."


"If you open yourself up to your own gifts and talents and accepting yourself in all aspects of your being, then you open up the doors to attract what it is you are vibrating on."


"No one else can do the work for you. You have to do the work, and in order to understand what your work is, you have to know yourself, you have to know what you want to create in the world."


"Quality takes're building yourself up to a state of your higher self, its not a quick fix, it takes time."


‘Practice your calm and execute your quality’

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