Erwan Le Corre. MovNat Founder

"You need to have an open mind to learn. You can’t assume that you know."

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Founder of MovNat methodology and practice.

MovNat is a combination of his experiences of movement, from his time as a kid running and climbing through the boulders in Fontainebleau to his mastery of Karate and the early beginnings of Parkour in Paris.

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Images shot by Chris Baker in the mountains of New Mexico with Erwan, his wife Jessika and their great kids. 


- Life and your development in life is a constant practice.

- MovNat and its method is way to adapt to situations in real life and sport, based on learning, developing and refining the techniques which our body is naturally capable but not always able.

- Functional movements are not always functional as they become specific with the apparatus that is used.

- Movement is medicine and movement in nature is healing.


"You have to pay attention to the way you live and pay attention to every aspect of it."

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“Physical idelenss is not good energy for your body, but movement, frequent movement, quality movement, natural movement is good. it raises your energy up."

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"Living a great life is not a mono-dimensional problem and there’s not mono-dimensional solution."

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"Performance in MovNat is not random…if you want to move in the way we move, it takes dedication, you have to train consistently."

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"When you train MovNat, the point is to develop at least that baseline of real world physical capability and ideally a more advanced real world physical capability that we believe everyone should possess."

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