Richie Norton. The Strength Temple

"I’ve got to step out of this thing called a comfort zone”

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Strength and Conditioning coach based in UK

From a background of Rugby, Richie incorporates yoga, breathwork and mindfulness.

Aims to create a healthy body and mind for longevity.

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Born in Middle East, where he was an active 'Mowgli' esque child.

Moved back to UK with parents and had to readjust to UK school life.

Sport in particular Rugby provided an outlet for physical expression and to gain acceptance.

Rugby prowess grew, in conjunction with growing into an adult and acclimatising to a changing world. Pushing harder and training more his body started to show weakness.

UK Rugby coach advised accepting offer to play rugby in New Zealand. This was to be the step change in Richie's evolution.

Sheep shearing, beer and rugby in New Zealand, life became simple.

At the end of Rugby, Richie moved to Australia, discovering the concept of mobility, liberating himself from pain and restriction which held him back.

Yoga and capoeira followed, leading to surfing and various ventures from radio shows, to personal training.

Finds himself on a yacht crew, packing a surfboard and sailing to Bali. 

Swims unknowingly with sharks!

Now training a wide range of clients and other serendipitous moments have led him to realising his purpose to inspire others and share with them their own potential for creating the best version of themselves.

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"Surround yourself with people that have got a similar energy and a similar interest..."

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"...and that just manifests more exciting opportunities that you might not have envisioned or even manifested out of your own drive."

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"I want success to be a healthy, happy body that is free from pain, that helps me live a long life... treating people how you want to be treated."

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"What is going to be my next challenge and how am I going to influence people and give a gift back to humanity in a way that’s going to inspire change?"

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"Accept where you are, be at peace and don’t judge yourself."

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