Leo Daniel. Health Performance Coach


Aged 17 Leo's sporting life was curtailed with chronic asthma leaving him unable to walk the length of a football field. Realising his health was and is a personal responsibility he responded with learning the Buteyko breathing technique and within 12 months he was symptom free and soon after that symptom and drug free.

With the focus to support people in reaching their health performance goals. Leo has coached hundreds of people (professional athletes and general humans) to optimise their health, Leo specialises in lifestyle practices like breathing foundations and performance, movement and athletic performance and personal development.

In no uncertain terms Leo believes that your health is your wealth and is within your hands to boost.

Work with Leo - Health Performance Coach


- Transitioning from steroid and antibiotic courses to using the breathwork technique Buteyko to overcome chronic asthma.

- Introduction to Patrick Mckeown, the founder author of "The Oxygen Advantage".

- Test your CO2 tolerance with the Buteyko method 'bolt' test (YouTube)

- Running Dublin Marathon with mouth taped shut!

- The fallacy of the "second wind" and warming up the respiratory system.

- The four stages of breathing in sports.

- The use of breathing as a competitive strategy in sports.