SWIM DEM CREW. Nathaniel Cole.


“It’s hard to be bad at something.”



The inner city swim club who believe in the power of community.

Founded in the summer of 2013, to get more people swimming, make the sport more inclusive, less solitary, and a lot more social.

Much of what Swim Dem does is about personal development and self-affirmation, using swimming as a tool to empower people.

Nathaniel and Peigh the co-founders of Swim Dem Crew, the creative community of swimmers challenge each other to do the unknown.

Work with them, swim with them, contact them here.

“It’s frustrating for adults to learn how to swim, because they have trust someone else and that’s not easy and unlike kids you’re not used to learning as much.”


“London is a tough city to live and exist in, people get swept aside, at Swim Dem we give people time.”


“You can never know what someone have gone through so I never downplay how people are feeling when they are doing their lessons.”


“I think everyone should be able to swim, it saddens me that people drown, that’s not right.”


“There’s a lot of things going against young people and a lot of things on their plates. So we try and show them it’s not all doom and gloom and try to equip them with the idea that if you communicate with people you’ll have better relationships”


“We’ve picked one of the hardest sports to make fun and accessible to everyone because there are so many barriers.”


“For me it seems like why wouldn’t I help people.”



We are lucky enough to have a team who take great photographs, with Chris Baker one of our founders being a photographer. And there are times when the images that we see better express the feeling of the people we speak to.

Enter Seb Barros who captured the essence of Swim Dem so well, it made showing his work and him a no brainer.

Amongst the shots of Swim Dem has captures some great moments of movement from the commercial sports to the movement culture scene inadvertently within his Lagos project, seen here.

Check his site out www.sebbarros.com

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