The balance of health: Traditional Tibetan Medicine

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"In the new millennium, the best way to achieve long term health benefits may be to use this traditional medical system.


The traditional Tibetan medical system is a buddhist science and philosophy, sharing simliarities with the Indian Ayurvedic system.

Treating natural diseases with the support of natural remedies and maintaining the body's balance of the 5 natural elements (earth, water, fire, wind and space).

TTM heals the body's lack of vitamins and minerals, to restore depleted energy and to improve psychological strength. Returning the body and mind to a natural state of equilibrium regulating normal functions of the body and emotion.

The underlying belief is to support recovery from the root cause of the problem and give strength and power to bring back normal functioning of the organs in everyday life.

If you are interested in exploring a more natural and holistic health system like TTM or Ayurveda, we highly recommend seeking out the best practitioner in your area who resonates with you. The will guide you through the process and support you in tuning in with your body and its needs.

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