FLO Living: The revolutionary protocol for all women

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Alisa Vitti is the Functional nutritionist and women's hormone expert behind FLO Living and Womancode. Based on experience and science Alisa is spearheading the awareness of balancing hormones to optimise potential, reconnecting women with knowledge of their own bodies and natural cycle. 

This way of thinking is invaluable to both men and women, not in the methods Alisa outlines as these are aimed at women, but rather the principles that we must connect with our bodies, our own internal rhythm to optimise or health and performance.

Outlined below is a concise plan based on the cycles of ovulation and what exercise and food are most suited at these times. For the full knowledge the FLOliving app and the book WOMANCODE are simple to use and easy to read and provide a bunch of great tips to keep in sync.

I add that I am not a woman but have seen the fantastic results of following the protocol in my partner and beyond. It is invaluable to understand what makes us tick.



Best followed using Alisa's myFLO app, these are the 5 areas that should be focussed on to keep you energised and in sync with your body:

1: Stabilise your blood sugar.

2: Nurture your adrenal glands.

3: Support your organs of elimination.

4: Sync with your menstrual cycle.

5: Engage your feminine energy.