Art of Breath: 4 practices for application

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We return to the breath time and time again, from keeping calm in high pressure situations to boosting the performance of sleep (yes you really can perform better in sleep!). It can be applied to everything we do and is the driver of our bodies and ultimately our lives.

With the many methods in rotation on the internet, it is easy to overlook the principles that underpin all the methods. This is where Art of Breath steps in. Founded by Brian Mackenzie and Rob Wilson, we spent time with Brian at his home in Oregon to understand his obsession with breathing, the mind and performance.

Defining Brian is positively difficult to do. He has worked with some of the fittest athletes on the planet sharing his knowledge gained through putting himself through the ringer.Very much at the sharp end, Brian and Rob are bringing the fundamentals of breathing into sport, performance and life.

Alongside the feature in Issue 2 and the podcast with Art of Breath co founder Rob Wilson the below techniques are part of the Power Speed Endurance breathing program for varying situations in performance and life.



This will help regulate a persons breathing and everyone should be able to get through this with no stress.

Done with nasal breathing only for a 5-10 minute period.



A follow on from the first breathing technique, the 2 second exhale is building up the C02 a little longer so this will be slightly harder.

Done with nasal breathing only for a 5-10 minute period.


APNEA BREATHING - The Down Regulator

Apnea breathing is the down regulator aimed at putting the body into a parasympathetic state.

It can be done post workout or at night immediately before going to bed.

With nasal breathing only. Inhale for 1 second. Hold for 4 seconds. Exhale for 2 seconds. Do this for a 5-10 minute period.




Super Ventilation puts the body into a sympathetic state and gets it ready to go.

It can be done immediately before a workout or 1st thing in the morning.

Inhale to full capacity and exhale 50%, inhale fully again, repeat this for two minutes and then exhale fully holding your breath for 60 seconds.