Wim Hof: I am not your motherfucking guru.

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Wim Hof, known as The Iceman, is on a mission. And it’s not about the breathing techniques he’s developed for his superhuman resilience to extreme cold. The ones that have earned him 25 world records; the ones that have earned him fans and followers across the world, from the likes of Oprah and Rick Rubin, to Tim Ferriss and Laird Hamilton. These self-taught techniques are merely tools. Wim’s mission is to free the mind, recognise and overcome our limitations, and creatively express ourselves with our natural gift: our bodies.  


Wim uses three: breathing techniques, extreme cold, mind-set/focus, together called the Wim Hof Method.

But before exploring the mission, to those tools. The first two deliver extraordinary health benefits (Wim scientifically proved this in 2012) by increasing our oxygen intake and enabling us to train our circulatory systems to run more efficiently.

These, combined with a strong mind-set/focus and performed simultaneously, enable us to influence and direct our nervous and immune systems. The benefit?We’re able to consciously increase the amount of adrenaline released into the bloodstream, which means we can fight infections when we need to. Also by decreasing the volume of immune proteins in the immune system, it could potentially be helpful against autoimmune disorders (when our bodies ‘trick’ themselves, and self-attack). This is genuine, from-the-inside-out self-healing.

But freeing the mind is the why behind the how. Freeing the mind of our own learnt limitations and the social constructs built around us, day in, day out. Wim believes that it’s only when we learn to free ourselves from these that we can achieve our best and greatest selves:

'Let’s live up to our standards which is the soul. The soul has evolved on this planet. And this is the fruit of the life and now we make it simple. Bring it back to simple. And then the greatness of it all will come to our consciousness, expanding consciousness from the heart. Love and caring. Be simple, get into the greatest thing and evolve there…'

Putting it out there.

Meeting Wim was our first break into a higher circle. We emailed his team with nothing to show for a magazine, just an idea that we want to connect the game changers on the edge to those looking for ways forward. Not thinking anything would come from it, we forgot about it only to receive a reply a week or so later. We were on and that's the way we have progressed from this point onwards. There are great people around the world doing great things, and if we are ready to meet then it happens.

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"I don't fear death. I fear not living fully."

Wim Hof

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