The 4 key movements: Freestyle Connection

Words: James Shaw - taken from Issue 1

There are 4 movements which are the basis of everything we do in terms of pushing and pulling. In FREESTYLE CONNECTION the book, Carl Paoli explores the 4 key movements of Burpee, Muscle Up, Hand Stand Push Up and Pistol Squat. Whilst the moves in their most complex require a developed level of skill and conditioning, the essence of each move is required for life. As simple as getting out of a chair is either a squat or a muscle up.

Push Up + Squat + Stand + Jump


A complete all round conditioning movement, aka "The Up Down". Refined through practice and mobility.

STEP 1: Start by standing tall. Feet apart and facing forward

STEP 2: Neutral neck and hands flat.

STEP 3: Jump feet back into plank position, keeping the shoulders over the hands.

STEP 4: Core engaged lower down with elbows over the hands. Chest touches the ground.

STEP 5: Belly and butt tight, lift chest up by pushing away from the ground.

STEP 6: Snap the hips UP, and jump the feet in.

STEP 7: Use the snap of the hips and jump of the feet to rotate body into a partial squat. Keep chest up and feet flat.






Includes pushing and pulling for upper and lower body. Change of orientation in space. Full global inflection and extension

STEP 1: Looking straight ahead, hands turn out and elbows lock out. Body in global extension.

STEP 2: Keep looking straight ahead, feet and toes swing forward, body is in global inflection.

STEP 3: With eyes above the rings and feet below hips "kip" up allowing elbows to have a slight bend.

STEP 4: Now the explosive sit up, knees bend and heels drive to the butt whilst the hands push down.

STEP 5: Maintain stillness in the upper body while lower body initiates a skipping motion for the dip. Knees and heels pull up, hip flexes, elbows up.

STEP 6: Snap the hips UP and jump the feet in.

STEP 7: With elbow above the hand and a vertical forearm, catch the tuck position keeping the neck neutral and heels up

STEP 8:Looking straight ahead, lock the elbows out and turn hands out. Belly tights, legs straight and toes pointed.




The ultimate progression of the push up. Encourages the body to work together to create shape and balance.

STEP 1: Start strong, arms straight, hands flat, legs straight and feet together.

STEP 2: Start the descent. Keep hips over your hands while keeping the forearms vertical

STEP 3: Hit the headstand in "The Tripod" (hands and head) with elbows above the hands. 

STEP 4: Bring the knees towards the floor, with elbows above hands maintaining "The Tripod".

STEP 5: Lift legs back to original position, keeping belly tight and toes pointed.

STEP 6: Now, using the momentum shift of your weight over your hands to push up initiate the push up

STEP 7: Finish the way you started. Strong and straight.




A fundamental movement pattern for life, developing hip mechanics and hip drive for movement and motion.

STEP 1: Shift your centre of mass over your chosen foot. Lift the other leg up and slightly to the side.

STEP 2: Slightly rotate your upper body towards base leg. Push hips back and down, lifting the raised leg to keep it off the ground

STEP 3: Eyes forward and chest up. Maintain chosen foot on the ground, finish low with hips below the squatting leg.

STEP 4: Continue to keep your chest up and rotate body towards your squatting leg. To stand up, push your hips back and up.


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