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weMove x Ozone: SUSTINERE Tickets £40


Sustinere is Ozones platform for striving for betterment in sustainable practices. This Sustinere event unites industry experts and good food into an evening that celebrates positive practices and inspires us all to do better.

Sustinere’s weMove evening is an opportunity for us all to consider how sustainability starts not only at home but also with the self.

With a panel talk lead by weMove founder, James Shaw, three special guests will share their vision and advice surrounding the weMove philosophy of ‘Move | Nourish | Equip’.

The three-course meal that follows has been curated by our Head Chef Mark and celebrates nutritious, clean eating and sustainable sourcing.



Richie Norton is a former professional Rugby player and now movement coach. Having sustained career-ending injuries, pushing his body to the limits and suffering depression, Richie’s odyssey has seen him travel the world training and learning with the iconoclasts of the movement world. Looking at movement as more than just physical, but encompassing mental, emotional and spiritual, it’s this knowledge that Richie now shares under the moniker of ‘The Strength Temple’.


Karen Newby is an experienced nutritional therapist specialising in female health and childhood nutrition.  She was awarded a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from West London University in 2010.  Her clinic is based at The Dolphin Clinic in Brighton, where she follows the integrated approach to nutrition, supporting the mind and the body through food. Solutions are tailor-made, realistic and help to bring about change. Karen is also the founder of Alchemy Organic Super Blends.


Kat Pither is the founder of YOGI BARE.  Yogi Bare is the physical manifestation of the concept of yoga being for everybody and everybody. An eco-sensitive and accessibly priced range that brings some fun and personality to a world that can sometimes seem alien or difficult to access. Kat’s own ethics are woven into both Yogi Bare’s eco-friendly selections of materials and alignment environmental charities Yogi Bare saves your practice at the same time as saving the environment.

Later Event: October 28
The Future of Movement: FREE