The yogi's ultimate bag by Chrome Industries.

Review: James Shaw



- Model Shown: Vale Sling Pack

- RRP: £110

- Fit: Cross body sling bag, the secure straps keep it close to the body when you’re on the move. The padded back is a great touch for comfort as this compact bag is deceptively roomy

- What we do with it: Yoga bags are never quite right, and backpacks for yoga mats tend not to work for us. We need minimal gear for practice and tend to take a few essentials like laptop, book and journal for a post practice coffee.

- Do we like it? A big fan of this for being in town and carrying a yoga mat across the back. It’s discreet, and spacious which is a great combo. Combined with the Summoner Backpack, this is my standard travel combo for week long trips, on and off planes and through airports.

- Fabric: Polyester/600d Twill melange fabric

- Volume & Dimensions: 14Litres H: 9.25” W: 13” D: 5”


Chrome bags are pretty much built for the city. Started in the way many of the brands we love have started, it was two bike messengers who couldn’t find what they were looking for and decided to create a product to meet their needs. That was back in 1995 in Boulder (Colorado).

Fast forward to 2018 and they are a still building some of the toughest bags out there for city life. Sure they are now an established player in the field and are no longer the “in the know” brand they inevitably started out as. Growth comes with learning and they are still doing what they are doing and making super tough bags for the city.

We haven’t found an alternative bag brand that fits the purpose we need it for out and for that we are into what Chrome do.

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