The Zen of Running. Fred Rohe

Words: James Shaw

We discovered the Zen of Running whilst putting together our first Issue. At the time we were running a lot and inspired by the dirtbag trail runners of the US like Anton Krupicka and Joe Grant who would live and be out in the mountains carrying little to no gear and fully embracing the magic of running and nature.

The idea of this type of running had us hooked, and on our first trip to the US we were inspired by this book with very few words, some atmospheric grainy images seemingly all written as a feeling to the joy of running.


“It’s your choice of whether to run to punish your self or to experience your self.”


There is no manual for performance, no interval training ideas on how to beat your PB. In fact there is no mention of times and racing, simply pure joy to the act of running.

Fast forward a couple of years and in our podcast with Mills, his love of the act of running and his discovery that it is in fact a pleasure and a necessity to move our bodies and minds reminded us of this book as a recommendation to Mills and anyone else who is searching for something a little more from their running. Your times will go up and down, but what will keep the running consistent is appreciating the act of putting one foot in front of the other.

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Zen of Running.jpg

The Zen of Running

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