Here we are, Assessment #2.

Designed to test and push you to your limits; physically, mentally, and spiritually. The C.H.E. requires you to be courageous, compassionate, authentic and vulnerable. We believe it is through the development of these qualities that we as individuals can develop the capacity to create the changes we need to live a complete human experience.

During the C.H.E. you will practice rigorous authenticity, do uncomfortable work and surrender to outcomes, and thus it is important that you answer the questions below in full honesty.

Are you ready?

Courage is the willingness to own your imperfections and weaknesses, facing wholeheartedly the challenges that life gives you. How courageous are you?
Expressing compassion is showing kindness to yourself, yet also helping others in need. How compassionate are you?
Authenticity is letting go of who you think you should be, in order to be who you really are. What proportion of your true essence shows up in your everyday life?
Vulnerability is necessary for meaningful connection, and not always comfortable. With the support of compassionate experts, how vulnerable are you willing to be on the C.H.E.?
What would happen if you allowed yourself to be more vulnerable, and share your fears and weaknesses with others?
6: Are you willing to implement lifestyle changes to directly impact your health status and achieve your goals? *
7: Do you experience vertigo, car sickness and/or motion sickness? *
Do you have a race coming up, are you wanting to make the leap into a new career, goals can be anything where you wish to realise something within yourself.
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