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C.H.E. (Complete Human Experience) is designed to support you in the next stages of your movement and health journey. C.H.E is not a handstand workshop or yoga retreat. The goal here is, and has to be; To inspire and nurture, the act of movement in others and support them with the ideas, solutions and tools to realise their potential.


To do this we have to get to know you and ask you a series of questions that have been designed to give us the right information about you and get ideas moving in your mind to optimise your Complete Human Experience.

There are 3 stages and you can opt out if it gets too much for you. This is Stage 1, Stage 2 goes more in depth into the mind/body connection and for those who make Stage 3 this is a 15 minute phone interview with our Assessment team.

For more info on why an assessment we recorded this 15 minute podcast - click here to listen.


Assessment #1 is simple. A history of your health and movement journey to date. Give as much information as you can from current practice to twists and turns in the road that have got you here and where you want to go. There is a reason for everything however seemingly insignificant.

EVERYTHING YOU WRITE IS CONFIDENTIAL and the length of your response is not a determinant of success in the assessment. We are looking for like minded individuals, who are curious, committed and open to developing potential.

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