#1 - PLAY - Print

#1 - PLAY - Print


The lifestyle magazine for the Creative Athlete.

Featuring: Wim Hof, Charlie Dark, Krissy Moehl, Carl Paoli, Sebo Walker, Jami Tikkanen, adventures in the Japanese Alps, Yosemite and much more.

The strength of the people in this magazine isn’t rooted in an abstract, unattainable philosophy. It’s rooted in the everyday. In the ordinary expression of themselves through everyday movement – whatever and wherever that may be – larger things naturally happen. That’s their philosophy. That’s the idea

Positioned at the intersection of sport, wellness and lifestyle. weMove explores the why and way we move. Sharing insights from elite and creative athletes who share an outlook on life and its endless possibilities.

164 pages of insightful, inspiring wisdom from active teachers, seasoned athletes and knowledge seekers.  Perfect bound and printed on uncoated, gloss FSC approved stock.

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