Skateboarding, as with all other movements, gives a personal perspective of the world around us. Sebo walker sees creativity everywhere he looks.


I have been skateboarding for over 16 years. As a result , I view the world in a different way. Innately seeing the potential and letting my imagination and original ideas run wild. A tree root knocks the cement up creating a large slanted crack could otherwise be viewed as a hazard, where as I see a launch ramp. Every single platform, rail, curb, pole, wall etc is a potential obstacle to be manipulated and skated.

I view skateboarding as an individual art form. No rules. Simply your own personal style, trick selection, and creativity. For skateboarders, and all other creative movements, the possibilities are endless. As athletes we utilize the world and appreciate its extraordinary arrangement. We read our surroundings with a keen interest and intent to take advantage if the opportunity arises. Whether its spotting an intriguing uphill trail for a trail runner, or a perfect concrete wave for a skateboarder, our instinctive nature simply cannot look at the world any other way. We make creative us of the mundane.

For me, I feel that it has been embedded in how I see the world. Ever since I started skateboarding, ive had an eager eye to find new unusual skate spots. There is something so rewarding and beautiful about finding a new skate spot, and having a spontaneous session there. I like to think of that quote “one mans trash is another mans treasure” is perfectly relatable. Skateboarders can make obstacles out of anything. Garbage cans, broken poles, alley ways, old plywood etc can all be ultimately manipulated into an element of fun for hours on end. The world is our personal playground. Travelling around the world has really broadened my scope of how fascinating our world truly is. I am lucky to have travelled to over 20 different countries because of skateboarding. All of which, had unique and often surprisingly great skate spots. Uncommon, abstract architecture and landscapes make for the best obstacles to skate. Especially when working on a “video part”. A video part is the collection of all your hard work, travelling, filming and finally compiling all of it with music, and alas – your masterpiece.

My favourite city to skate is Barcelona. The infrastructure happens to be an idiosyncratic wonderland for skateboarders. The architecture is simply an attraction in itself. Monuments and plazas are like unintentionally designed street skateparks. It’s a stunning city to visit for anybody, but especially for skateboarders.i believe that everyone viea the world in the own and unique and individual way its human instinct to be visually attracted to the things around you that directly strike to you fancy. I am truly happy to be a creative athlete and see the world as a beautiful place with potential around every corner. I love and appreciate our world all the more, because of skateboarding.