THOUGHTS ON: The Ego. Logan Gelbrich.

This episode of Thoughts on follows the Finding Flow podcast with Jamie Wheal as we pondered and chatted with listeners on the often blind obsession that can come with finding flow and being our best. Usually a result of our ego getting in the way.

We ask Logan Gelbrich founder of Deuce Gym and Captain of the process, on his thoughts on how our ego can hinder our performance and sabotage the path to performance and with that in mind what we can do to get the ego out of the way to do what we actually want to do which is improve and move forward.

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It might sound like we are in two different places during this podcast and that’s because we are. Using the power of technology to connect the weMove world together. We record these not as a conversation but as a series of emailed questions the guest records the answers to in the comfort of their own home.

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