Movers + Mavericks Show #2:

Rob Wilson. Co founder The Art of Breath


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Rob is a Mobility Wod staffer, Co Owns CrossFit Virginia Beach with his snake charming wife, and is currently working on a collaboration with Brian MacKenzie on breathing. Sit back, pull out a notebook and grab the basics on breathing.

1m - Community. how we connected with Leo via Zoe and Luke from muscles nerds who had been introduced to us by photographer friend Glen Burrows.

3.37 - Leo’s beginning with intentional breath practice in response to his asthma

4.20 - Leo having to spend 6months in bed, being prescribed 425 ....tablets, 14 courses of antibiotics and 3 inhalers within a 13 month period as traditional western way of overcoming his asthma and extremely low immune system

5.25 - Leo’s first dream of being a Gaelic footballer and health practitioner and realising his asthma wouldn’t allow him to do either

7.17 - Leo’s discovery of the buteyko breath practice and meeting future mentor Patrick Mckeown

8.08 - who doc buteyko is, what his method is and how he developed it

10.05 - how chronic over breathing is killing us and has been linked to 150 diseases

13.10 - the science of breath pdf free online

13.30 - how London’s pollution changes the quality of our breathing

14.27 -‘shut your mouth and save your life’ , George Carlin, book from 1894 exploring why so many babies were dying from disease in London and then discovered indigenous tribes didn’t have the same child mortality rate from diseases and in his assessment it was due to mouth breathing by children in london.

16.13 - modern day issues affecting our quality of breath

17.30 - the bolt test - the buteyko methods way of assessing how good an individuals breath is

18.13 - the bolt test results and measuring where on the scale the individual sits

19.15 - how the external environment effects the quality of ones breathing

21.21 - the difference in the bodies ability to clear toxins by breathing through the mouth vs the nose

22.00 Within 12 months of practicing the buteyko method Leo was symptom free and within another 6 months was medication free. Still like that 15 years later

24.10 - how Leo’s experiences with asthma and learning the buteyko breath have given him something he wants to share and teach to people. Continued education in further breath practices.

27.50 Jay Shety’s journey and his influence on Leo’s practice of self service as a way to share with the world

31.15 - Leo’s theory of ‘health performance’ - physical needs and being needs.

34.40 - the importance of life experience, never being ready and doing it

39 - trying out breathing strategies for competitive advantage with a local galic football team

41.20 - taping his athletes mouths as a way to enforce mouth breathing

43.30 - residual benefits of nasal breathing

43.50 - running the Dublin marathon with a taped mouth and nasal only breathing

45.50 - nasal breathing allows you to stay in aerobic mode and access the parasympathetic system leaving

46.36 - mouth breathing is for reserve when you’re in the dying mins of a game

49.20 - how nasal breathing allowed Leo to escape hitting the wall in the Dublin marathon

51 - how nasal breathing in the marathon allowed Leo to escape oxygen debt and be recovered enough to fight in the Irish open masters for Judo the following weekend and get on the podium

55.10 - the falacy of the second wind, warming up the respitory system. 

56.09 - the four stages of breathing in sports and being aware of where you are on the scale and what your competitors breathing patterns is to gain advantage in the game

1.01 - professional teams now incorporating breath work into their training

1.01.58 - Leo’s health performance coaching system (

1.06 - how lifestyle choices cause pain and disease