Kure began life in 2011 as a juice bar in Portland Oregon. They have rapidly evolved into a progressive purveyor of health conscious food and drink which challenges the notions that 'health food' has to compromise on flavor. Nate Higgins, one of Kure's founders, shares some of the driving concepts behind the brand.

written by Nate Higgins

We are amidst a global revolution

– that of the awakened mind and body. Never before has the opportunity to restore and vitalize our wellbeing been more accessible. The infinite wisdom that guides us to make better decisions about our health literally rests within each and every one of us (and our web browsers). We're choosing to grab hold of this knowledge, and in doing so are beginning to reclaim the power to feel our best. After enduring decades of unregulated agricultural activities, routine exposure to industrialized food processing, and artificial everything, we are finally choosing to educate ourselves about the importance of what we consume, and where it comes from.
We are being mindful of what we dispose of and where it goes, and how seemingly small, incremental changes result in large and meaningful impacts.

we are finally choosing to educate ourselves about the importance of what we consume, and where it comes from.

We are innately equipped with the understanding of how food affects us at the individual level. We are also tuned into the state of our local and global ecosystems, and how their health directly affects ours. Yet, with all of this wisdom and understanding, we still struggle with how best to apply what we know.

Our modern lives, full of distractions, demands, and often debilitating stress makes derailment too possible. When fraught with frustration and dis-ease, we are quick to sacrifice what we want most (optimum health) for what we want now (comfort).

PEOPLE look to what is convenient in order to soothe, but often that convenience is what compromises our health.

It was when expression of these challenges began to infiltrate every day conversation that Kure was born. As we listened in, the conundrums became loud and clear––you want to feel and look more healthy, but most pure food is expensive and takes too long to prepare. You also don’t want to sacrifice good tasting food for that which is bland or boring.

We get it, and built Kure to bridge the gap between what we want and what we need, and to assist us on our journey to achieving balance. We should never have to sacrifice flavor for function, or indulgence for intent. We believe optimal health and culinary art must be integrally aligned. This union is what speaks to all of our senses, even if we are eating a meal of convenience. This is why the food and drinks we craft are beautiful, uncomplicated, and gratifying.

Our perspective on eating and taking care of our bodies is that the experience should be addictive, tasty, and enjoyable. It should never be mundane, overly complex, or restrictive. With the launch of Kure five years ago, we made a pact to maintain a brand of balance, and to ensure our delicious creativity is your fuel. We vowed to always be evolving, and to continue to educate you and ourselves.

We committed to purity and exceptional taste, and to never compromise on making you feel better while licking your lips.