Griffin Loveland. Do things Differently.

Words: James Shaw

Design studio Griffin have created a living version of their vision. A physical manifestation of fashion, outdoor sports and sustainability. Loveland is an interaction with nature.

Anyone can stay at Loveland Farm and it is well worth it.

We went down to spend a couple of nights, disconnecting from city life and getting away from it all.

The pods, with their wood burning stoves and projector screens give camping and even glamping a new meaning. It is quite something to sleep out in a spaceship like pod looking out at the starry sky overlooking the Hartland Peninsula.

Climbing, surfing, trail running and more make this an action packed getaway if you want, or you can enjoy the chill vibes of the farm, the buffalo and endless cups of tea.

Website: Loveland Farm Camping and Griffin Studio

Instagram: @loveland_farm and @griffin_studio

Running free for the first time since the night of realisation. (Image: Lee Basford)