Why do you do what you do?

Dan: We build products that help ourselves and our community live more fulfilling, and more freeing lifestyles.


How does what you do change the people you do it for?

Dan: We're fortunate enough to make a product that truly changes a lot of our customers lives - enabling them to move further, freer, and in a way that's more connected with the earth.
With Sadghuru at the District Vision Kinetic Meditation event in NYC

What is your movement practice?

Dan: I hike and bike most days during on trails and roads nearby our factory. When we can we go on longer multi-week and multi-month long human powered adventures for fun! I get to use and test my sandals along these trips and find true joy in that.

Black Roses leading the charge at the start of the Red Hook Crit 5k

What are your 3 essentials you take to keep you moving and nourished?

Dan: Bedrock Sandals, peanut butter, and my trusty river hat.

District Vision Keichi. Crafted in Japan. Tested in NYC

Describe your movement philosophy in 3 words?

Dan: Move with Less

Nagata Sppedblade. Released at the Red Hook Crit 5k

How do you start your day?

Dan: I wake up on my small sailboat, hop on my bike, and pedal 10 miles to our small HQ / factory.


How do you stay nourished?

Dan: Eat well and full! Pizza days are commonplace at Bedrock!

Fast track to flow. Pre race meditation at the Red Hook Crit 5k


Best piece of advice you have been given.

Dan: Be selfish in the pursuit of your own happiness.

What book would you gift?

Dan: The Monkey Wrench Gang - Ed Abbey.